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CD Cover Artwork

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CD Cover Artwork Custom High Quality Music CD Cover Art that will attract your target audience

Even in today’s digital times, you need a CD Cover if you’re going to be on iTunes, Beatport, Rhaposody or even just Facebook.

Sample CD Covers

I’m a New York based Web & Graphics Designer who has been around the Music Entertainment Business for quite a while. I am quite familiar with the fast pace at which things happen when you’re trying to get your release out.

You put time and effort into producing those tracks and getting them organized and pressed / uploaded to the distribution services – but what about the Artwork? Many times, this is over looked until the very end of the project and is the hold up for getting everything out. I can create you Custom High Quality Music CD Cover Art that will attract your target audience and I’ll get it back to you in short order.

Whether you need it for digital upload or physical printing, I’ll work with you and whatever service you use to provide the highest quality to the specifications needed. If you need printing services as well, I can certainly give you recommendations.

I can use your photos or logos or I can find professional photos to use for putting together the cover design. I’ll work with you to develop that look and feel you are looking for. Whether you are in New York, California or London I’m a great “goto” guy for all your Custom High Quality Music CD Artwork Designs.

Below are an assortment of different CD Artwork examples to give you an idea of the different projects I have been involved with.